Member of the Self Storage Association of Australasia

Member of the Self Storage Association of Australasia
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Total Store Bairnsdale is a member of the Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA) and complies with industry standard storage agreements which ensures customers receive suitable legal protection.

The Association also has a code of ethics that Total Store proudly abide by.

The SSAA represent more than 1,100 facilities across Australia and New Zealand, approximately 90% of the storage space in the region. This includes all the major multi-site storage operators as well as most of the independent sites.

Member of the Australian Furniture Removers AssociationSelf storage is one of the fastest growing industries in Australasia, with over 20% growth in the last two years in all the major cities. Self storage is used by businesses and individuals alike, with approximately 25% of customers being of commercial nature.

  • Only you have the key to your unit, which means that you control who has access to your goods. Not even the owner of the facility can access your unit, unless you have authorised access and provided a key. This means nobody will be interfering with or handling your goods. You can access your unit whenever you want, for as long as you want, and with no extra cost.
  • This is a distinct advantage over warehousing, where usually you will be charged a fee to access your goods, and they will need prior notice to "prepare" them for you.
  • With self storage you are in total control. It is like an extension of your house or business.
  • Self storage offers flexibility in your rental period. You can stay as long as you like without committing to a fixed lease term. Renting a self storage space requires rental to be paid in advance, usually monthly, and possibly a refundable deposit. And you keep renting the space for as long as you need to. This gives you great flexibility and allows you to save money.

So contact Total Store today and find out how we can help you.

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